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Plaza Family Dentistry

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Getting replacement teeth is a necessity for your oral health and confidence, especially if you’ve lost most or all of your teeth at one time. In Kansas City, Missouri, Plaza Family Dentistry offers comfortable, removable dentures to restore your full grin and let you look like yourself. To find out if dentures are the right choice for you, call Plaza Family Dentistry or book your appointment online today.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures?

Dentures are removable appliances that replace a few of your teeth or the whole upper or lower row. They’re made of a durable hard resin material and usually include false gums made of a more flexible material that fits comfortably over your natural gums. 

If you get dentures to replace your upper row of teeth, they contain a plate that rests on the roof of your mouth. Lower dentures are U-shaped to accommodate your tongue.

Depending on how many teeth you’ve lost or removed, you might need:

Partial dentures

Partial dentures replace several teeth but not a full row. You can continue using your remaining natural teeth while using a set of partial dentures to replace the teeth you no longer have. 

Full dentures

Full dentures include a complete row of false teeth. They’re easy to remove but stay in place with suction or an adhesive substance that your dentist gives you.

What are the advantages of getting dentures?

Whether you’ve lost many teeth accidentally or had them extracted, you have several choices for replacement teeth. The Plaza Family Dentistry team helps you decide on the best option for your needs, after reviewing the advantages of each. 

Dentures may have an advantage for you because:

  • You can take them out to sleep comfortably
  • It’s easy to keep them clean
  • They provide structure for your facial muscles
  • They let you speak clearly
  • You can keep eating all the foods you enjoy
  • They last for five to 10 years

Having a full set of teeth keeps your smile looking full and bright. The team at Plaza Family Dentistry custom creates your dentures for a smile that looks natural and photo-ready.

How should I take care of my dentures?

Dentures aren’t quite as strong as your natural teeth, so you need to take proper care of them to maximize their longevity. To keep your dentures bright and durable, you must:

  • Clean them thoroughly at least once per day
  • Rinse them off before brushing them
  • Brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush
  • Use a recommended cleaner that isn’t abrasive
  • Brush all parts of your mouth while the dentures are out
  • Store them in warm water when you’re not wearing them
  • Take them out for napping and sleeping

Your dentist at Plaza Family Dentistry will give you a complete set of instructions for care depending on the type of dentures you get.

If you’d like to restore a full grin with full or partial dentures, book your appointment at Plaza Family Dentistry by phone or online today.